Farmacia De Prez

sale of pharmaceuticals, and health and herbal products

Farmacia De Prez of Dr. Giuliano Federico is located in the center of Levico Terme (TN). It specializes in the sale of drugs and pharmaceuticals, herbal products, health and orthopedic products, and a wide range of baby products, celiac products and wellness products. Farmacia De Prez offers a high level of expertise and professionalism. The pharmacy's medical staff is at your disposal for a thorough consulting service.

baby products

Baby products

The pharmacy offers a wide range of baby products to families and new mothers 



The pharmacy offers a wide range of medication of all types and for every need.

herbal products

herbalist shop

The pharmacy's herbalist department offers you a wide range of natural products.

Wellness products

The pharmacy specializes in the sale of products for wellness, body care and health protection.

health products

Health products

In addition to homeopathic and celiac products, the drug offers health products of all types.

orthopedic products

Orthopedic products

Farmacia De Prez also offers a wide range of orthopedic products for hire.

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